Grow. Eat. Live.

Grow.  Eat.  Live.
Grow. Eat. Live.


Friday, July 22, 2016


(Red Bush)

Organic Rooibos Tea
"Youth Preserving"

It's been so long we had one of these post segments.  I've realized I still have not finished revealing the six healthy skin, hair, and nails tips.  We are up to Reveal #3.

Rooibos has many health benefits for the skin and powerful medical properties. It has aspalathin and anti-inflammatory antioxidants that calms redness and roughness. 

Plus, it helps protects aging associated from sun exposure. 

Rooibos is a favorite among South Africans and grows only in the mountainous region.

Researchers suggest drinking a cup a day of the red or green brew can repair and beautify your complexion as effectively as many pricey skin creams.

Bonus Tips:  Rooibos can help prevent Alzheimer's disease by staving off age-related damage to brain cells, helps fight allergies, improves circulation, prevents some cancers, settles stomach, calm and relaxes, defends cells and DNA from scavengers free radicals.

                                                        Enjoy a nice cup today!

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