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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Castor Oil Pack
             Castor oil is colorless or yellowish oil extracted from castor oil plant seeds.  It has a long history going back to ancient Egypt times and known as “The Oil that Heals.”
     The castor bean was referred to as Palma Christi” or “Hand of Christ” for its palm shaped leaves and healing power.  A castor oil pack is a cotton cloth or wool flannel saturated/soaked in the castor oil, which it is placed on the skin.  It is used to promote circulation and healing of tissues and organs under the skin.  Castor oil relieves pain, improves the liver function, improves digestion, and reduces inflammation.
            Castor oil should not be taken internally, not on broken skin, not during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menstruation.
            Castor oil can stain clothes and bedding.  So if using please wear old clothing and use plastic wrap to cover cloth before placing hot water bottle on it.
How to make the oil pack:
Ø  A cotton cloth or wool flannel.  If wool irritates you, then use a cotton flannel or cotton diaper cloth.
Ø  Castor oil (use your judgment on the amount of oil you want to put on the cloth.  You do not want it to be dripping wet.  You can rub the oil on your skin.  *Tip warm up a small pot of water (does not have to be boiling water just so the water is warm not piping hot)- pour a little oil in a mug and place mug in the warm water.  This will make the oil warm before you apply it to skin due to the oil may be cold.  Do not put oil in microwave.
Ø  Plastic wrap (saran wrap) use enough wrap that would cover the cloth on the affected body part area.
Ø  Hot water bottle.  Apply hot water bottle on top of the cloth.  Rest for 45min-60min.
Ø  Plastic container or ziploc bag.  Use to store cloth once finished.  Can be put in refrigerator until next time to use- 30 times.
Ø  Baking soda.  Dilute some baking soda in water and wash the area that the castor oil pack was on.  This will bring back your body pH balance.
Most important thing is to relax and rest.   Let the natural oil does its “healing power”.

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