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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


(Herbal Coffee)

     I stumbled upon Teeccino while flipping through a magazine called "Natural Health."  I recalled an advertisement was in it.  It caught my eye and curiosity got the best of me.  So, I had to do research on it to find out what is "Herbal Coffee" and who has it on their shelves (seen in some NYC Stop and Shop stores and Westerly Health food store NYC).  I am not a coffee lover a "tea lover" at heart.
     Teeccino Herbal Coffee is caffeine free (yup no caffeine) with a nice roasted blend of herbs, fruits, grains, and nuts that are ground to brew to taste like coffee.  Coffee beans are not in this product.  You see why I had to check this product out.  It looks just like it but the taste is really good.  You can add any type of milk (dairy or non-dairy), creamers (dairy or non-dairy), and sweeteners (raw agave nectar, raw sugar, coconut nectar, and honey).  I rarely add any sweeteners to my teas.
     Teeccino comes in a variety type of flavors:  dark-medium-light roasted, Mediterranean and Maya flavors.  So far, I tried the Mediterranean flavor lines - Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut.  I love the Hazelnut.
     The three nutritious ingredients in the products are certified organic:
  1. Carob
  2. Barley (roasted)
  3. Chicory root (roasted)

     The other ingredients added to make it great:  
  • Dates
  • Figs
  • Almonds
  • Hazelnut
  • Ramon seeds (seed from the Ramon fruit - known as Mayan breadnut)
  • Dandelion root (a new line "Teecino Dandelion Herbal Coffee" made without barley- for the gluten-sensitive people)
     The great benefits in drinking it are:
  • Provides the alkaline mineral potassium - neutralize acidity and restore alkaline balance.
  • Inulin - a soluble fiber from chicory root and dandelion root
  • Helps stimulate the liver and bile.
  • Natural pure energy boost.
  • Non acidic. (good for acid reflux people)
  • Helps digestion.
*Allergy alert - product has nuts so those who are allergic unfortunately need to stay away.

     I had to put Teeccino to a taste test with coffee drinkers.  I bought the ground bag and brewed it in a coffeemaker.  I gave my aunt and dad each a cup and had them put whatever ingredients they normally add to their coffee.  I didn't tell them it wasn't coffee.  I waited for them to drink it.

     The verdict:
                  "This is good."  I told them it's not coffee it's "herbal coffee".
                                                                                         What? Not coffee? But it taste just like it." 

      Family loves it.  I love how they packaged it in individual tea bags too.  Recently, I gave a tea bag to a co-worker who was trying to kick the coffee habit.  She liked it.

I hope more stores carry it.  I would love to try the Dandelion root line- unfortunately the health food store I always shop at never seem to have that brand on the shelves.  I tried requesting them to add it in their next shipment but no avail.

Those who would like to check for stores in your neighborhood to find who carries it or would like your favorite store to add it to their shelves  - click here

                                                            (By the way I am not a spokesperson for this product just someone who likes to try new healthy stuff)

Are you ready for your first cup?

                                                         Indulge and enjoy!

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