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Grow.  Eat.  Live.
Grow. Eat. Live.


Thursday, March 14, 2013


"Self Tests"
     Recently I went to a free Health Wellness Fair.  The fair had several vendor tables of people working in the medical and holistic alternative field.  They gave free high blood pressure testing, massages, food sensitivity test by muscle weakness in reaction to daily foods you normally consume, such as, wheat, corn, etc., foot and dental information.
     I had stopped at two tables to get evaluated - acupuncture (which I am very familiar with - Chinese and Japanese style) and the food sensitive test.  I learned from the acupuncturist I have poor digestion (evaluated my eyes).  She said "bags under my eyes are big and it is because I have poor digestion. My spleen is weak."  Okay - I kind of knew because my intestines are severely scarred due to I have endometriosis (a painful chronic disease that effects over 6 million women) and I just had fibroids removed.  She said "there is not enough circulation going to the uterus and it's cold. And I needed to do more acupuncture to help with circulation and digestion."  Yes, it's been a while I did acupuncture treatments but must start it back again.
     The other table I visited was the food sensitive test. I was very surprised to see this test was not done by needles or blood testing.  The woman applied Kinesiology.  It's testing of muscle strength to assess food sensitivity.  I had to lift my arm horizontally up and hold a suspected food that was in a container (wheat / gluten) and she applied pressure to the my arm to see how my strength was.  Her results "Wheat /Gluten Sensitive."  She advised me to "stay away from it for a few days to see how my body reacts without consuming any wheat products."  Very interesting because this could be one of the causes of my digestion problem as well since I eat wheat products all the time. 
     I found this site that had many questions to ask yourself "What is my body telling me?"
                                       So, what is your body REALLY telling YOU?

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