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Grow.  Eat.  Live.
Grow. Eat. Live.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"The Green Festival NYC"
Jacob Javits Center April 2012

     This weekend for Saturday and Sunday April 20-21, 2013 the 2nd Annual Green Festival is back in New York.  Those of you who have not attended the festival last year- here are more pictures of last year's event I have taken and realized I have not posted.  These pictures will give you an idea what has hit the market and who may just show up again.  I highly recommend you check out the festival.  You will be able to learn about different eco-friendly products and natural food products that are hitting the market and making a crave wave or buzz in the world. 

     By the way, did you see the samples, magazines, and bags I was given from last year festival?  (check out Green Festival posting) Need I say more in why you should check the festival out.   Another reason to attend is you will have an opportunity to be able to speak and gather information from the actual CEO, founders, and public relations representatives on their products.  I was able to speak to some of the founders and public relations representatives.

     Everyone, "Get in the Know."

The crave that has hit the national market since 2011...

CEO & Founder Janie Hoffman
"Mamma Chia"

Hoffman created an "organic" beverage Mamma Chia out of the chia seeds.  Chia? Yes.  Ch-Ch-Chia!
The seeds that we used to grow on the chia pet figurine.

Now we know chia seeds is not just for growing a grassy body on an animal figurine.  It's edible and full of many nutrients


Blackberry Hibiscus

Boosting nutrients that helps maintain a healthy body:

  • Omega- 3 fatty acids 2,500 mg
  • Fiber 25%
  • Calcium 95 mg
  • Protein 4 grams
  • Antioxidants 

What does it taste like?
Hoffman gave me my first sample cup and bottle to try.
I picked this flavor - Blackberry Hibiscus.  It taste like Jell-O.  The texture was like a smooth gel and it wasn't sugary.  The chia seeds absorbs liquid.  Mamma Mia has no added sugars and gluten free!  It's organic with pure natural ingredients too!

This was my very first time I ever tried chia seeds.  Now I cannot get enough of it.  I started creating a raw pudding with chia seeds (dairy-free).

Raise your glass bottle to this heart friendly crave beverage!

The next crave on the market is targeted for babies...

Dolphin Organics

Baby beauty products are now being formulated to be organic and pure natural ingredients.

Happy Family

Baby organic foods are now being package in pouches instead of jars - just squeeze and the food comes gushing out.

Where were these products when we were babies, right?  Thumbs up!

The next crave on the market...

Brad's Raw Leafy Kale

When I sampled the kale I couldn't get enough of it.  It's like once you eat a Kale leaf you cannot stop eating just one leaf!  This product is very addictive.

What's in it?
Fresh Kale that is battered up with boosting flavor and spices, such as, raw cashews, sunflower seeds, jalapeno, garlic, etc. Then the Kale is dehydrated below 115 degrees (retaining active enzymes) in which it becomes light and crunchy.  Secret ingredient I realized later on is "nutritional yeast."  This kind of yeast taste like cheese.

100% Vegan

A power snack that you cannot deny yourself.  I bet you can't eat just one leaf. 

Another Kale snack on the market...

Alive & Radiant Kale Krunch

Kale Krunch is 100% vegan and raw as well.  Alive & Radiant has several flavors too just like Brad's Raw Leafy Kale.

I sampled Kale Krunch and it's good.  It was hard to decide which brand I liked best.  The quality and taste was just about equaled the same but I think Alive & Radiant Kale Krunch I liked better.  I remembered I kept going back for more samples to eat.

Both brands were really tasty and good.   All Hail the Kale!!!
The next eco-friendly product that hit the market...

For those who are not builders or have a green thumb this item would be perfect.  A big round bag in which you can fill soil in to grow whatever plants or seeds.  Basically, it's a "fabric raised bed."

Green thumbs up!

Another crave that has hit the market...

Angell Organic Candy Bars

Now, these candy bars were delicious.  They are Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic. 

The next eco-friendly crave that hit the market...

Moso Natural

This is great for those who are battling allergies and asthma.  This is an air purifier bag with the inside made with 100% Moso Bamboo Charcoal.  It's non-toxic and fragrance free.  The Moso bag will last up to two years.

100% Moso Bamboo Charcoal

What is Moso bamboo charcoal?
A long converting process in which bamboo is dried then treated at high temperatures in a kiln.  The result becomes bamboo charcoal that has millions of tiny holes.

What can it absorb?

  • Pet smells
  • Paint smells
  • Mustiness
  • Reduce harmful chemicals
  • Bacteria
  • Harmful pollutants
  • Dehumidifies to help prevent mold, mildew, and excess moisture

An excellent natural alternative.  Green thumbs up!

The next crave that hit the market...

Bar Clif

Great on the go snack bars.  I like the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter.

The next crave that hit the market...

Hemp Hearts

 Hemp Heart seeds are raw and the mini packs are a great idea for easy convenience. (See posting on Green Kryptonite Smoothie)

Hemp Hearts are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and protein.  Friendly seeds for the body.

The next crave that hit the market...

Founder, Bob Dagger
High Vibe

Dagger created a whole line of raw food snacks from seeds, nuts, and fruit.  He is a nutritionist and own a store in New York City East Village.

A variety of seasoned flavored raw nuts, seeds, and fruits 
These raw nuts and seeds were fantastic.

A good choice for a nice snack!

The next eco-friendly that hit the market...

"Household Cleaners with a Conscience"
Variety of Natural "No Chemical" cleaning products

An excellent natural alternative from chemical base cleaning products.  Green thumbs up!

The next crave that hit the market...

It Tastes RAAW

A refreshing taste.  I was surprise the Wheatgrass did not overpower the drink.  RAAW created a proper balance of the flavors.

Bottles up to RAAW.

The next crave that hit the market...


Guayusa is an caffeinated herbal tea.  Runa is FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED.

The next eco-friendly that hit the market...

Bamboo Ecoline
Bamboo Ecoline plant pots are biodegradable and their candles are made out of soy wax and vitamin E.  So, when you burn the candles you can apply the oil on your skin.  The candle pot can be used for planting.

Variety of soy candles and biodegradable pots

The representatives demonstrated their soy candle product by burning the candle (smelled nice) and applied the warm oil on my skin.  It felt really nice - a warm oil massage.

Soy and bees wax candles are the better natural alternative than the other candles that are out in the market.  The candles are better for you to breath in.
Light up the alternative!  Green thumbs up.

The next crave that hit the market...

Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers has a variety of cookies, pretzels, and crackers that are ORGANIC GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE.  I had sampled the Tomato Chipotle pretzels, 'N'Oatmeal Raisin and Ginger cookies.  It's definitely different than any of the other products that has wheat and dairy in them.  Mary's Gone Crackers has a unique taste that you have to get accustom to eating.  The 'N'Oatmeal Raisin cookie and Ginger Snaps were good. I had given some samples to my sister and her kids for them try.  The pretzels were a hit.  They loved it.  I was really surprised. 

So thumbs up to Mary's Gone Crackers.

The next crave that hit the market...

PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics

Viewer Vanessa and I did a back turn when we realized we just about missed this vendor table PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics.  Wow, a natural nail polish remover that has absolutely NO CHEMICALS or FUMES.   PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics is the first cosmetic line to give donations to Human Rights Issues for Women Who Live in Poverty or Servitude.

I purchased two bottles of this remover.  It does work but you have to really rub to get it off.  I rather rub vigorously than breath in the fumes of regular nail polish remover.

Green thumbs up!

The next crave that hit the market...

Anjolie Ayurveda
Aromatherapy Body Oil

Anjolie Ayurveda body oils smells so GOOD!  The oil feels good on the skin.  All natural oils, sweet almond oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil, and extracts of Neem and Tulsi Holy Basil.  They even had some bottles of oils with actual spices in them- cloves and cardamom.  I knew I had to purchase a bottle.  So I treated myself to this bottle - Neem & Tulsi.  My niece loves the smell of it!

Bye Bye perfumes.  Hello Aromatherapy Body Oil.  Thumbs up!

     In conclusion, the Green Festival was a great event.  I was glad I attended and viewer Vanessa surprised me at the event.  She snuck up on me while I was sitting down chopping on those Kale. 

                                                                                    Enjoy Everyone & Be Safe!

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