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Grow.  Eat.  Live.
Grow. Eat. Live.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BEING FRUGAL - Growing Turmeric

"Frugal Living Means Smarter Money Management"
Frugal is economical and not wasteful.  If you are a frugal person, then you are wise in spending.  An example, I went to a health food store and saw what they were charging for fresh organic turmeric root- $16.99 a pound! WHAT THE HELL!?!?
Fresh organic turmeric root $16.99 lb
"Today's food prices are outrageous"

What do you do when prices are sky high?

A frugal person is a creative person. You will have to stretch the money you have as far as it will go. 

So, turmeric root is a good health investment.  I found two small good looking pieces of roots - cost $2.34.

Turmeric Root
Look for healthy pieces of roots

I have planted the roots in some good potting soil.  Place the root just beneath of the soil enough to leave the nodules at the side of root facing up so it can sprout.  Some people leave the root on the windowsill and wait for it to sprout.

Sprouting Turmeric
several weeks for sprouting to appear
(still thriving since last year Summer 2013)
Then I had placed the potted turmeric root in a nice sunny area and fed it eggshells, brewed dried coffee grinds, molasses and seaweed water.

Sprouting at 14.5 inches high

Turmeric leaves are edible.  Asian cultures uses the roots and leaves in their cooking - preferably wrapping fish with the leaves. The leaves are wonderful substitutes than using bread. 

The turmeric leaves opened up this morning
June 4, 2014

Turmeric is an alternative health investment that keeps on giving.  Turmeric takes 8-10 months to mature.  It does not propagate seeds.  Keep the soil moist and mist the leaves at times.  Turmeric thrives in hot climates and goes in dormant during winter.  Fresh turmeric is hard to find in stores. You would have to look for turmeric root either in Asian or Indian ethnic stores.  Turmeric's popularity is now becoming available in most heath foods stores.  Harvest turmeric 8-10 months after planting.

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