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Monday, January 12, 2015


"The Winter 2015 Harvest Begins"
Organic Turmeric Roots and Organic Cayenne Pepper
"Winter Harvest 2015"
It doesn't have to be summer or fall in having a harvest.  A harvest can happen anytime and anywhere.  Every Monday, no matter what, Daphne gives gardeners a chance to link their posts on what they harvested Daphne's Dandelion

The turmeric plant was ready to be harvest for a while.  The plant showed many signs that it needed to be out of the pot.  For instance, the pot was bulging at the sides (sign of needing more space) and the leaves died and no longer sprouting up.
1st sign the plastic pot is expanding at the side

Look closely see the turmeric root bulging at the side

Time to unravel the roots

Separated turmeric roots

Soaking the turmeric roots in equal parts of water and vinegar
Washed again

Finally cleaned and separated from its stringy roots
Bright yellow turmeric roots

Repotting some of the turmeric roots again

Cayenne Pepper
"Ready to be Harvest"

What a tedious task in harvesting the turmeric roots but it was all worth it!
                                                                                               Anti-Inflammatory harvest!


  1. How interesting - I often use powdered turmeric when making Indian food - had never though to grow it. I'm assuming that you will be drying it and grinding it into a powder? How would you go about doing that?

    1. I use the powdered turmeric as well. But for making juices and water I like using the fresh root. I'm taking the easy way out this time and using it to make an anti-inflammatory water.

  2. Hi..

    Your cayanne size is nice, I have never grown cayanne, is it hot?
    I am also curious about turmeric, is it like curcumin? and what do you usually use it for?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great time...


    1. Yes, cayenne peppers are hot but not as hot as the golden yellow cayenne peppers. Curcumin is a substance that's in turmeric root. I usually use turmeric for teas, add it to my meats, vegetables, natural food coloring to make yellow rice, add it to pasta water, facial and skin care. Turmeric root is a power root spice. I highly recommend to add the spice root to your daily food diet.
      Thank you for asking......

  3. I've never grown turmeric before but I've had decent success with ginger. I sometimes see fresh turmeric at the Asian market so maybe I'll give it a try this year.

    In the depths of winter, even a small harvest is a much appreciated one! Good job!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you spot the root in stores because it's very hard to find fresh turmeric - as you know we have to venture out to other areas to find it. Most definitely give turmeric a try. Like ginger it's a power spice root. This summer I will try growing the ginger too.

  4. I've only seen people way south grow tumeric before. Nice harvests for the winter.

    1. Thank you Daphne. May be you can add the turmeric to your growing list for this summer?