Grow. Eat. Live.

Grow.  Eat.  Live.
Grow. Eat. Live.


Monday, June 6, 2016


"A Jennie-O Opportunity"

     What a weekend!  This past Saturday June 4, 2016 while walking to a NYC Games and Digital Media career networking event at the Microsoft technology building I was stopped in my tracks by the Jennie-O team to do a billboard promo test taste of their product Turkey.  At first I had hesitated in doing the billboard promo video because I preferred to work behind the camera.  My passion is working in the production area but to have your name and face splashed smacked in the middle of busy Times Square a 2nd time (yes, I was asked by Google in October 2015, will post soon) is an opportunity some will not want to miss out on.  What are the chances in life to have a billboard of yourself hanging up high in Times Square - the most busiest area in New York.  Luckily the product was turkey meatballs.  I only eat fish, chicken and turkey- absolutely no red meats!  Lately, I've been decreasing my meat intakes to strongly concentrating more on eating vegetables and finding other sources of protein to fuel my energy. 

NYC Games & Digital Media Career Fair
An alternative to beef is turkey.  

Can meatballs taste just as great made with turkey?
Jennie-O asked NYC by standers walking on Times Square 

I've always made the switch to eat turkey instead of red meats
"No Beef"

I'm tasting the turkey meatballs

That's right I tried the alternative 

     Are you ready to make that switch? Looking for another alternative then eating red meats? Start taking one step at a time - believe me you won't miss it.  Eventually, you will probably leave all meat products alone.

So we told Time Square
     According to Jennie-O "91% Love Turkey, 7.3% Pleasantly Surprised, and 1.7% Meh."

                           I hope you enjoyed watching my billboard video- had fun making it!  

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