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Grow.  Eat.  Live.
Grow. Eat. Live.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


"Repotting and Planting Starter Seeds"

"Starter Seed Pots"

     This past Sunday I got up bright and early to start prepping my seeds to get a jump start for my annual veggie, fruit, and herbal gardening.  Basically, kicking my "Green Thumb" into full gear to get a head start in growing produce for this upcoming summer.  It maybe a late start in growing by seeds but the East coast is still going through cold temperatures in 40s so I cannot grow anything outside as of yet.  I have to start indoors. 

     Well, what am I growing for this summer?

Shopping Starter List
Miracle Gro Organic Choice potting soil

Miracle Gro Perlite (normally I use Peat Moss but Home Depot was sold out for a small bag)

Miracle Gro Cactus, Palm, & Citrus Soil

Mini Shovel


Packet seeds

Planting pots or milk cartons

*Thoroughly wash all pots, cartons, and shovels.

Tip:  Look for pots that has drainage holes.
Unfortunately, the blue pot had no hole.  My brother had a hard time drilling a hole - one of my pots cracked in half.

 I bought two cactus plants from Phoenix, AZ and I repotted this one...

Devils Tongue Barrel Cactus Strawflower
"Ferocactus Latispinus"

Organic sweet pepper (carnival mix), Cilantro, Swiss chard (bright light, rainbow), and Radicchio
(I have a whole lot of packet seeds but for now I am using these as my starter.  Plus, I ran out of plant pots.) 

I choose those seeds to grow because I like eating and cooking them.  Also, these items are expensive in the store.

Tip:  Grow produce you and your family love eating.  Grow produce that you find are expensive to buy in the store.  It will cut the cost of your grocery bill.

Make sure you purchase moisture control soil and organic.  Mix either peat moss or perlite in the soil.
I like to sprinkle crushed eggshells on top of soil.  This will help nurture the soil and plant.  Plus, slugs do not like crawling on them too!  Always wear gloves to protect your hands.

Tip:  When using eggshells make sure you thoroughly wash out the shells and let it air dry.  Then crush them.

Eco-Friendly way...
You don't have to use plant pots to start your starters.  You can use milk cartons!  Make sure you thoroughly wash (with soap) the carton just like you would do with plant pots.  To avoid contamination.

Alternative way to go

Cut out half of the carton.  Then puncture a hole at the bottom for drainage.

Then add the soil...


Sweet Pepper
Place the potted pots in a sunny location.
I have to make room in an overcrowded bay windows.  What can I say?  I like gardening and plants.
Some of these plants I had for 1-3 years.

I bought the Turkey Fig plant ($14.99) two years ago 2011 from the Union Square Farmers Market NYC.

I had to bring it inside once fall arrived and temperatures dropped.  It came out of dormant this past March.

Turkey Fig had for two years going on three!

Figs are growing!

It does take work to maintain healthy plants and fending off insect pests!  But the benefits are great- plants clears toxins from the air, gives off oxygen, edible, and gardening is a perfect alternative to RELIEVE STRESS!

**Future posts I will show you how to build a garden raised bed and show comparison pictures of the produced I had "reaped the benefits" during summer 2011 & summer 2012. (see posting on Backyard for summer 2010)
Tip:  Live in a small apartment?  No problem.  Ikea now has a small greenhouse that can be kept on a table.  Check out 

An example of how to incorporate the greenhouse in your home...

      As I said before, utilize those windows, terrace, backyards, or roof tops!  You too can reap the benefits as well. 


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