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Grow.  Eat.  Live.
Grow. Eat. Live.


Sunday, August 4, 2013


"Patience Is A Virtue"

A Pineapple Flower
July 27, 2013

Five years for a flower to appear
     What a wonderful surprised to have found this on July 20, 2013...

     It takes 100 or more separate flower buds to grow into a pineapple.  Many more months for it to develop into a full pineapple.

     In order for flower buds to appear in the center heart of the plant it has to be at a mature stage like this...

A Mature Pineapple Plant

     This grew from a mother plant.  I had bought a pineapple plant with a small pineapple attached to it from Costco five years ago.  The mother plant and pineapple died and a sucker shoot developed.  It kept growing and growing.  Last year I had finally repotted the plant into this big pot.  As you can see, in the left side column an old picture and the location I kept it.  Then, last year I made changes and moved it to the other side of sunroom in another sunny corner with a better pot to grow.  Last summer 2012 I was thinking about forcing the plant to pollinate since it was four years and nothing was happening just long sharp leaves kept developing.  I decided I would just let it be and wait it out.  Thank God I did otherwise I wouldn't have been so excited and shock when I stumbled upon the "wonderful surprise" when closing the window near it.  PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.

     Once I saw the flower bud in the center, days later I decided to move the pineapple outside in the backyard for a nice summer vacation.  I'm glad I did because the flower buds enjoyed the nice HOT HUMID NEW YORK WEATHER (heat wave on the east coast).

July 25, 2013

July 27, 2012

     How's my pineapple plant doing now?  As of today, it's OFFICIALLY OUT!

August 4, 2013

     Mother Nature sure knows what she is doing.  A great enjoyment to see up close how the stages of such, a healing fruit can be developed without living in a tropical hot climate.  Many beautiful plants, edible or non-edible, can grow healthy indoors.  Do not be discourage and do not assume you need to be an "experienced green thumb" person.  I wasn't and look at what I got.


August 24, 2013

September 22, 2013

A pineapple plant produces only one flower and one pineapple fruit. Once the first pineapple produces, the mother plant will give ratoons or suckers off springs before it dies. 
October 14, 2013
*The propagation process has begun - peeking out is a slip.

A second or third fruit grows off the side shoots of the mother plant called "ratoons."

October 14, 2013
*Beginning of propagation - a ratoon (sucker) peeking through.
<A 2nd pineapple plant emerging>

A mother plant can produce multiple suckers.  There are four types of planting materials:  the crown, slips and hapas (appears to rise at the stalk below of the fruit), suckers develop along the bases of the leaves, and ratoons arise at underground portions of the stems.

                               Live Life and Enjoy Mother Nature's Beauty


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